Sunday, March 30, 2008


As many of you know, I am an animal lover. I won't even tell the number of pets I've had in my life. However, I do want to tell you of a cat (one of my favorite) named Jedi- a white cat with gray tiger markings on his ears and tail. Yes, unique but quite the sweet one. You see I loved this cat for many reasons. First, he adopted me and Ryan at our first little house in Abilene. Ryan knew he married a woman who would rescue almost any stray animal and surely didn't want this cat at our new little home. Ryan began throwing rocks and trying to scare him away. Well, Ryan didn't scare the cat. The cat slowly kept hanging around and really took to me every time I went into the backyard. I would leave food and blankets in the tree and then slowly he moved his way toward our porch. Yes, he became our outside cat. NOW, he was a keeper! My husband who so became attached to this cat is the one who named him for us-JEDI. Ryan a Star Wars buff shared his love for the movie and named the newly Prater cat, Jedi. Well, a year past and he moved with us to a new home. Jedi was great, he came in the house to get food, some love, and then back out for his adventure. Upon God calling us to move to League City, Jedi went missing. I looked and searched and looked and searched..... nothing. How could I move without Jedi? He found us and wanted us. Still nothing. I missed Jedi. I missed him..... Then we moved.

Now we have a new Jedi in our family! He isn't a cat, a bird, or fish but a dog. His name isn't Jedi but he is named from the Star Wars----OBI-WAN. Another Jedi has entered the Prater house. He's sweet, loving, playful, huge, big, huge... you get the picture. Obi-Wan is an Australian cattle dog weighing in at 79 lbs. Obi-Wan entered the Prater household in September after losing my childhood cattle dog, Buster, who was 15 years old. You see, my time with Obi-Wan is fun, calming, relaxing. On our walks at night, its me, him, the stars, and my prayers. He loves me walking him, I love him walking with me... Obi-Wan- another Jedi in our family.

However, there is another Jedi...the one who really loves me for me, dreams with me, cries and laughs with me..
He's my True Jedi!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Journey

.....Yes, I have finally decided to become a blogger of 3 all American girls! I wanted a place to come share our journey, our dreams, our life; and most importantly being a mom, a wife of 10 years, and a follower of Jesus Christ. I hope you join me as I share many pictures, thoughts, laughter, and joys of the Prater Posse.
...the journey begins...