Monday, October 31, 2011

Go Big RED!!


The Praters love football! Both of us growing up in West TX, Ryan being a quarterback in high school and college, and me cheering on a huge 5A high school....both of us appreciate tradition and some great high school football.
This past weekend, we headed out again to support the undefeated Katy High. It was a blast and Beautiful day. Big blue sky and temps in the upper 50s! :) Awesome. I LOVED it.
Here are some fun pics of all the Prater clan cheering on Big Red. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I am in LOVE....

with Pinterest! Yes, I am. The online catalog that just made my life a little more organized, creative, and a whole new menu for my family. Pinterest is so fun!! :)

By far, my favorite past time right now is getting my comfy pj pants on, the laptop on my lap, & go a looking. I have been able to find some awesome and easy recipes and great, creative ways to decorate my new home for Christmas.
For example, due to the fact our new home has a wrap around fireplace mantle...I needed ideas of how to decorate this baby for Christmas. I typed in Christmas mantle decorating into pinterest and BAM.... I got tons of wonderful, yet simple, easy ideas with items like mason jars, balls, lanterns, and so much more. :) WOW!

So, thank you Pinterest for new decorating ideas, new meals for my family, creative gifts, easy do it yourself projects, and my favorite....CHRISTMAS ideas.
I LOVE u! ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Down on the Farm Birthday

I really don't like dropping a lot of money on a birthday party, never have! I've always kinda leaned more to the "experience" so more memories can be made for my girls. I want them to look back and remember more family experiences for their birthdays instead of some random year at another gymnastic place or chuck e cheeses.
So, for Annalise's birthday we spent some time down on the farm...Dewberry Farm that is, in Brookshire, TX. It literally is like 20 minutes from Katy. Country land, hay stacks, fort, animals, corn maze, and a big pumpkin patch. What else could a little 6 year old "active" little girl want?!?! ;)
It was a blast! Ryan went down the roller slide and I rode in the tractor barrel train. :) Fun times as a family and the day was absolutely perfect!!! Woke up to a sunny, cool morning of 57 degrees and by the time we left the farm it was 83 degrees!
AWWWEEESome! Loved every minute of the birthday celebration down on the farm.
Here are some pictures. :)

(Ha~Ryan won the pig call at the pig youth minister still in him) :)