Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

I had the privilege of having a dad that was present in my life growing up. Don't get me wrong, he worked hard but never was absent from me or my sister's life. There are definite memories I have of his love. One being, he drove a blue and white suburban until the wheels about fell off that thing probably so me and my sister could be in cheerleading, athletics, and attend church functions, or simple to keep up with 2 girls wardrobe! :) I still remember dad driving endless hours from Odessa, TX to Dallas, TX to watch those Permian High football games. Or even using that blue and white suburban to hall around cheerleader run through pole signs for the football games. Other fond memories being his presence at all my athletic events screaming or even dancing in the stands at my cheer pep rallies. Sweet times for sure and I am thankful for his presence then and even now as I've grown and his continued love to me and now my 3 girls.

So here is to my dad, as he celebrates another milestone birthday, the big 55!
Happy Birthday Dad! I hope its one of the best, blessed years yet.
I love you.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Challenge....

Ok, so I love the summer for many reasons! No schedules or routines, reading books, vacations, visiting family and endless swimming. My favorite summer activity would have to be catching up on some books that I've had on my book shelf to read. Well, I already finished one that was amazing and very challenging. It is called Crazy Love by Francis Chan. Its incredible and a must read! I LOVED it. Over the past months, Ryan and I have been really seeking and searching exactly what God wants to do with each of our lives and our family. I came upon one of my frequent blog sites where a Francis Chan video was highlighted. Hop on over to virtue alert on my blog roll and watch it! It spoke volumes to me and allowed me to realize that this so called "comfortable" life is not for me but a life totally surrendered to do God's will.
Enjoy the challenge.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun, Friendships, and the Fourth of July

This year we celebrated the Fourth of July "old school" style with a trip to Dairy Queen, aka DQ, for some blizzards. The Bruning clan joined us as we chomped on some ice cream blizzards and then headed out to watch fireworks. It was always good fun and lots of laughter. I am thankful for them and their friendships.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Family Tradition

Destin, Florida that is! :) I have been going to the white sandy beaches of Destin, Fl since I was in elementary school. A house, my family, fun, laughter, great food, relaxation, and endless playtime on the white sands. Even though I've been going to these beaches for a long time, I look forward to seeing my 3 girls enjoy their summer vacation with family. Sweet, memorable times for sure.
So here's to the countdown..... 2 weeks! :)

(Florida 2007)