Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conversations with Addie

Wow, my first girl is growing fast and I know that, and I really can see that on a daily basis but sometimes....its our conversations that hit me hard and I realize that I really, really love the "big girl" she is becoming! ;)
Upon putting her to bed on Monday night early (because its TAKS week), she starts talking to me about her really good friend, a non-christian. She tells me that her friend wants Addie to pray at lunch and I asked Addie...did you??? Addie replys, yes, well ok- and Addie said but what was cool is that people asked me what I was doing. :) YEA!!!
Then, she tells me a five minute conversation that would be WAY long to retell but in a nutshell, her same friend has been asking a lot of God questions. Why this, Why that, etc. So, we chatted awhile about it and I was very surprised how she handled and answered some of the God questions. I kept thinking to myself...I am so proud of her...I am so thankful she's putting her faith into action...I am so thankful she shares her faith....I am happy she is confident in talking about God even though she didn't have all the answers...I Love how she is becoming into her own~the very knit of God's hands! :) I couldn't be more proud in so many ways.

I knew Addie Noel would be unique...she always has been in so many ways. My very serious child, the analyzer, the compassionate, and being born the day after Christmas I knew raising this child would be joyful.
So, as my Addie girl grows, learns, and still is being molded, I thank God for her life and pray He would use her in her very unique ways.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How Great

Because I love God, Because she is one of my favorite singers, Because there is a family that will bury their child today, Because we find hope in the Resurrected Christ, Because life is crazy, Because I love being a mom, Because He loves us!!!!

Enjoy...I promise you don't want to miss her singing this! :)
(pause my music first)

Friday, April 15, 2011

The girl's will play

Yep, while dad's away....the girl's will play! :) Well, the month of April is upon us and it is one crazy month. Ryan is gone this month quite a bit but all for good causes, especially when he brings home a bonus paycheck. ;)
Last weekend, Ryan was up in Arlington, TX leading out a discipleship weekend. It's always kinda weird when my side kick is gone from me, I really miss his laughs & talks even if its just running errands or hang time at the house. Anyway...the girls and I took off to the mall after school and did a little shopping and came home for a dinner and a movie. Saturday, I treated them to Soul Surfer at the theatre. Wow, that was a huge surprise on how good the movie was and details of Bethany Hamilton's life before and after the shark attack. It's a must see movie about a christian girl raised in a christian home who finds an amazing determination and will & realizes how God can use her. GO see it...its a must see movie full price. :)
Well, this weekend, Ryan was at his guys weekend that is planned every April with his good friends from high school. So, this year my mom decided to come down and bring my sister's kids so we hit the town once again this weekend! ;) Grammy treated everyone to the 3-D movie RIO and Saturday was a full day at Kemah Boardwalk! We bought the wristbands for all the kids so my mom and I literally just walked and watched the kids go from ride to ride to ride. It was super fun, especially when I finally got some sun on my white arms and legs. Easy way to soak up the sun but what was more awesome was the weather! It was a perfect day...sunny skies, crisp cool 70s with NO humidity. LOVED every minute of it!
Ahhh, it was a fast weekend~always is when we have family come see us. I seems to just fly by but I am so very thankful for the laughs, and simple things that make it extra special.
It Was A Great Weekend!!! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

1000 Gifts continued....

"God is always good and I am always loved. Everything is Eucharisteo."~Ann Voskamp

51. Fresh flowers sitting in front of the home

52. 3 girls smiles that beam from ear to ear on a Kemah boardwalk ride

53. a horse that nudges me at the rodeo to be petted, & I did... a good while

54. family dinner with friends on Fridays that provide endless laughs

55. my husband wearing his cap backwards

56. a preschool girl who gentle whispers to me..."i love you, Ms Kara"

57. apple cider vinegar & its health benefits

58. conversations with my 9 yr old girl (Addie) about becoming a woman

59. dinner with Ryan after the girl's have gone to bed

60. Pedicure...aka pretty toes

I Really Like this song....

I'll always be a country music fan and it's to no surprise that the Academy of Country Music Awards were on last night & I tuned in! :)
I was so hoping this song would be preformed by Ronnie Dunn live...and it was!
So awesome, and so good. Here is a video of the lyrics, which are really touching.
Enjoy all my country fan lovers! ;)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My brain hurts

It really does! In honesty terms, I've been a little anxious with trying to figure out the whole "where are we gonna live" feeling once our house sales here in League City. Will we rent, house or apartment, buy a home, will it be South side or North side (big deal in Katy area), will my kids go to schools that feed Katy high, or not, will proximity really matter at first for our family, or just being missional no matter where,etc, etc....
Seriously, is it something I really need to be focusing on right now...NO! It's just that I am a planner, I like to be prepared, have a plan, have options, have a least a little bit of an idea. I am finding out that my control is becoming less and less in this whole transition to church planting world. One of my prayers for myself has been that I knew these loads would be heavy to my mind and heart; therefore, I would have to and WANT to lay it at Gods feet. There is no way I can carry all these "things" that have quickly become major transitions in my life.
I'm reminded that today, again, sitting in church listening to the sermon on Gospel Community~ living a life that not only KNOWS the gospel but LIVES it in their life too. So, how do I live that out in this transitional time, in many areas in my life??? Continue to lean into God's word, His promises, His grace...especially when I start letting anxieties of the "unknown" to rule my thoughts.
May I rest in Him alone and remember this quote by pastor Rick Warren (the guy who wrote Purpose Driven Life)
~Reject panic with praise. Replace worry with worship. Relieve anxiety with adoration.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

A big Happy Anniversary...happy 39 years to my mom and dad today! Yes, it's April Fools Day, but it is a special day that mom and dad share and a day I remember how grateful I am for the long, hard commitment they have made to one another.
What a great example for us all. We love you bunches! :)