Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Dollar of FUN

Yep, here is what 3 cans of silly string from the Dollar store can do with 3 silly girls...Endless laughs and fun! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I put those running shoes back on!!!

Due to the fact I have like major transitions going on in my life right now...
~church planting
~trying to sale a house
~trying to find a house to rent
~baby girl starting Kindergarten
~turned 35
~and these are just a few ;)
I put on the old running shoes and started back to running to channel some of my stress during these life changes. It has been great! I feel great! I started running this summer and have built myself up to running a mile 3 times a week. I love it. :)
My goal for the summer is to stay consistent and just maintain a routine to get stronger and build up strength. I hope to gear myself up by Fall when temps are a little cooler in Houston and push myself for two miles 3 times a week.
I have to brag on myself because I have never kept up with running like I have now. I feel more determined or maybe its just my mind and body need it at this age of life!!! lol ;)
So, to all my friends and family out there, next time you see me help keep me accountable to my running......And just ask me if those running shoes are still on! :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Annual Girls Getaway

Myself and 3 other very dear friends loaded up in a Tahoe and headed to the TX hill country for 4 days! This was our annual girls trip that allows for a lot of FUN time with one another & absolutely NO responsibilities. These 3 women have an incredible HUGE heart for the Lord and love being a wife/mom. When we gather, we tell endless stories, parenting advice, dig deep into our personal lives...basically spur one another on. IT.WAS.AMAZING!!! I love these girls deep, they love me deep, and all of them are pastor wives so we really can relate on many levels.
What can rejuvenate and refill a girl???? :)
~floating 2 days on the Guadalupe River with 3 best friends
~a trip to Fredericksburg, TX for a little shopping
~total chick food so we don't have to cook...salad and wraps! LOL ;)
~a good tan
~endless laughs and new bonds
~parenting advice
~deep, strong friendships that dig deep into one another to be better women

Loved my girl's getaway..So fun. I want to give a shout of thanks to my dear husband who took on all 3 girls so I could go. I love you Ryan truly serve me in so many ways!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Camp with Dad

Wow, what a week! Last week, we got to trek along with Ryan to help with a youth camp on Lake Brownwood. It.was.a.blast!!! :) This year, Ryan was not there as the youth pastor but as the director of the camp. Now every summer, Ryan will get to be a director for a Horizon summer camp which is so awesome! Not only is it super fun & we get paid for a fun week, but it does allow Ryan to keep his hand in youth as we journey on into starting a church. :) And we get to go tag along so it is a huge blessing in so many ways. Yes, it was super hot but every part of it was fun. I loved watching our girls be loved on by godly college girls working the camp and the youth girls. I pray it was a visual impact to my girls and their hearts. Biggest news on our end...Avery accepted Jesus as her forever friend during worship. Woohoo!!! :) More on that in my next post.
Here are so fun pics of our week at camp. Enjoy. :)