Sunday, March 25, 2012

Walk a new life

Last summer, Avery accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior while we were working a summer camp with Ryan. After a little more time and understanding of deepening her belief, she was baptized in February. Many family came to be a part of her big day as we gathered at a friend's pool and Ryan baptized her. The best, best part of becoming parent is the moment the doctor lays that sweet, little naked baby upon your chest after giving birth and the day you watch your baby girl go beneath the water as a testimony of her belief in Christ. A joy beyond words...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

High Standards

I kinda like that Ryan is setting high standards around here!! ;) On Valentines Day, he presented the girls with their very own roses...again. And me too...except mine were red! A candle light dinner with flowers all around made for a fun, family Valentine that night.
The girl's eyes sparkled when they awoke February 14 that morning to find their pink roses sitting in their bar stool at the bar! It was a joy to see them light all up. Daddy Prater did always. Here's the proof. ;)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Donuts with Dad 2012

Another year for the school's annual event...and all 3 Prater girls are off with their dad to celebrate Donuts with Dad! I quickly snapped a couple of pics before they took off down the driveway because well, you know....this momma knows better than to ask dad to take the camera and get even more pictures!!! ;)
The love of my life and my 3 precious girls....I am blessed! :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The way she writes....

Speaks right to my heart. The way she puts words into motion are spoken just for me. The way she simplifies, the way she guides me to yearn more of Christ. The way she celebrates life, encourages, and is brutally honest with struggles....
I thank you Mrs. Ann Voskamp............

The way you write is incredibly God honoring and draws me closer to Christ.

~Will I meditate on His Word or my worries?

~This is the resolution the new year needs — a revolution. A turning every day to Christ.

~Time memorizing Scriptures is perhaps more important than quiet time — because when we fill our hearts with His Word, we can fill all of our hours with His Word — and “quiet time” can then become all of our time.

~Living with a belief in God, this is very far from living with God as your Beloved.

~The answer to anxiety is always to exalt Christ.

~Everything absorbs into thanksgiving.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I've been thinking

For some odd reason for over a week now, I've been tossing around the idea of having a Valentine's party at the house not just for my girl's but for them and some of their best girl friends. This would not only allow me to have some "Valentine fun" planned ideas with my own girls but a chance to interact and get to know their friends.
And how would I pull off a party for at least 10 girls all ranging from 6-10???? PINTEREST

Yes....the best cyber site since slice bread friends....not kidding! :)

So this is how it shall go, well at least for right now in my head. Annalise would be allowed 1 friend, Avery would be allowed 3 friends, and Addie can have 6 of her best buddies making a grand total of 10. I will have the party from 4-8 which would allow for dinner and a dessert of coarse! ;) Heart shaped pizzas, with an ice cream sundae bar with all the red, pink, and white fixings we can find.
The girls will make tie dye socks when they first arrive and then we'll do some fun Valentine game. And last but not least, some type of girl movie to hunker down before the night ends.
Peace "Love" and Party

I think it sounds good...I think it sounds fun!! My purpose is just to let the girl's do what they do best, love on friends and have some fun.
I would love to make this a tradition every year and I think that is what has been floating around in my head this past week. How can I embrace the girl's growing like weeds and my next season of life with them. Friends have become increasingly important yet our values of family time and fun are still high priority. So, why not combine the two?!?! It's time. I've always said that I wanted our home to be the place where my girl's friends wanted to be, the home where Ryan and I can help influence. So with that, I'll put my ideas into action this week and get this party planning started. I'm sure pictures are to come..stay tuned.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'll never get tired

I'll never get tired of seeing my 3 sweet growing girls look like this one last time before I go to bed!!!

My 3 sleeping beauties. :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fireworks, Friends, and a firepit

A little late on the posting of our New Years Eve celebration but better late than never, right!?
Well, I did it... I finally got Ryan a fire pit for Christmas this year! It was my grand find this Christmas season getting it a whopping 50% off~ woohoo!!! ;) He loved it, I love it....and in fact the girls love it. So much so, that on New Years Eve, we loaded up the van and headed to Academy for us all to buy a "new fold-out chair" just for sitting around the fire pit! ;) LOL, its the simple things.
Well, after dinner that night, Ryan fired it up and we got our next door neighbors
(and good friends now) to join us in which they provided the fireworks for the kids and we provided the fire! :) YES, what would a fire pit be without smore fixins and Ryan with a beer and me and the neighbor friends with a glass of wine. Good times.
Aahhh.....there is just something about sitting by a fire.
Good conversations,
It was a blast. It was relaxing. It was fun to sit and watch the girls with neighbor friends do sparklers, make a smore, laugh, and talk.
We wrapped up our night the last 5 minutes inside watching the famous ball drop from New York. This was the first time the girls stayed up until 11:00 without a complete meltdown from someone or being a total zombie!! ;)
Which reminds me once girls are changing **SIGH**

And that my friends is for another post! I'm just soaking it all up as much as I can.