Monday, April 21, 2008


As I think about this posting, the song from Miley Cyrus comes to mind- GNO or simply Girls Night Out. It is such a cute, fun song and even at 32 although meant for younger girls, I love it. Well, it was a GNO Friday at the house as dad was out for a Star Wars marathon night with some of his youth and leaders. So, the girls and I ordered pizza, threw a blanket on the floor and watched a movie together. Addie and Avery chose Garfield- Annalise is just happy to be "big" like the girls and get excited about the picnic even though I think she had no clue. So funny! Anyway, it was a nice relaxing Friday with the girls- a GNO!
However, my much needed GNO will come later- much later. One of my favorite country singers- Kenny Chesney is going to be in concert here in August. Yes, I got tickets with a good friend and it will definitely be a GNO! :) Flips flops, a great music entertainer, a good friend, fun...... I can hardly wait! Its like a little girl waiting for Christmas morning!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Team Player

Addie and Avery have officially started their very first experience of a sport- Soccer. We decided to put them in a soccer program at a local church called Upward Soccer. Upward Sports is a program that teaches the kids the fundamentals of the game but has positive reinforcement, scripture memorization for each week, stars for Christlike behavior, and overall efforts for being a good team player. Ryan and I feel this experience will be the first of many in which our girls will learn to be a team player and just have fun with sports and being on a team. Team playing is big in our household hence the name Triple A Team. We are trying to teach the girls that our family is a team and on this team you will be a team player and help many ways in this household.

These two team players fill me up with even more joy as I see their little faces and huge smiles running up and down a field, Avery trying to make sure the soccer ball is headed toward the right goal, Addie stopping in the middle of the game to pose for a picture, and to see them kneel down and listen attentively to their coach!

Oh how I love these experiences and treasure these moments.

I love these team players and I am so glad their on MY Team!

Monday, April 7, 2008

the wheel of the world

One of my favorite music artists is Carrie Underwood and on her new album she has a song that talks about life-the wheel of the world. As my sister deals with a death of young, vibrant 34 year old friend, i think of my own life. It hits home when someone close to your age and so full of life dies so fast. You see death is a constant reminder to us all of why we are here and our purpose of life. Like Carrie Underwood sings, she says...

As life goes out like a light, out like a flame,
You can't find it anymore
just when you think its lost
it comes back knocking at your door,
Its the wheel of the world-turning around and around.

God puts us here on this carnival ride
we close our eyes never knowing where it will take us next
babies are born in absent time and someone is taking their last breath
Its the wheel of the world, its the wheel of the world, spinning around.

In a blink of an eye it can change your life
and it never even slows down,
Its the wheel of the world.....

Our purpose of life is to bring our God glory, to glorify Him. He created us for His glory. So, as I think of life and death and the wheel of the world, what am I doing to show others the glory of God. Is my life pointing to Him enough?
Ryan and I talked how we make our everyday life a life that glorifies God in our home, our marriage, raising our girls, serving in our church, meeting our community, etc.
You see the loss of my sister's friend is not all sad. She had talents, gifts, and a heart that served God and her life portrayed that in many ways. I know people see her and say, "what a testimoney of life and her love for God." She arranged her life in a way that brought her God glory. My prayer for myself is the same.

Thank you to my small group as we study Glorify and hold each other accountable to living a life that does glorify God.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Toes in the Sand-

Its that time of year, at least if you live in South Texas when its already 80 degrees and you start to think of summer, flip flops, and yes white legs in your shorts! Or maybe, you think of toes in the sand. That's me! You see, I grew up going to Destin, Florida. The place of white sandy beaches. Its great, beautiful, relaxing and refreshing. I now get to see my girls enjoy Destin. Addie has already asked me 2 times if we are going to "the beach"- meaning Destin. Its fun to see the girls enjoy some of the same experiences I did as a little girl.

So, until our next Destin trip-

Enjoy some pics of our Destin trip last summer. White sands and and great tans.
Can't get any better than that!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a legacy

I write this blog to celebrate my mom and dads 36th wedding anniversary today April 1, 2008.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

I often think of my parents and the journey they have taken over the years with many obstacles and changes that have occurred in their life together. The one thing that has been constant is their marriage and love to one another and I celebrate that blessing. A legacy of love... a legacy of friendship... a legacy of laughter... and a legacy of raising a Christian family. This legacy, I now get to carry on with Ryan and my girls. I am blessed to have a family who carries a legacy of commitment based on God's love.

Mom and Dad, I celebrate you this day and thank you for your commitment to one another. Thank you for sharing a legacy to me, Ryan, and the girls. May we see our legacy grow through many generations.
Love you.....