Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Avery Girl's Birthday

On October 29, 2003..the Lord blessed our family with our second girl! Avery Rian truly has a heart of gold, the sweetest & kindess spirit, and lover of our family. I love every ounce of that girl beyond belief. I thank my God for her life.
Happy 8th Birthday my Avery girl!! :)

Last Saturday, Avery and her 2 best friends~Kennedi and Brighton, along with Addie and Annalise had a pedicure all together to celebrate Avery's birthday. What else would a 8 yr old girl love but have leopard printed on the toes and be pampered while doing it?!?! ;) We topped off her "fancy" day with cupcakes at Ooh La La. :)
She beamed the whole time and I think it might be one birthday she wont forget.
Best friends and pretty toes....Happy Birthday Avery.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

And so we have....

Annalise, the Poodle

Avery, the Angel

Addie, the POP Dancer

We had a GREAT night! Our new neighborhood was rockin last night. There were a total of 3 homes that had a haunted house type theme going on and then there were just tons of people walking the area. Just might be, our best Halloween yet.
Hope yours was super SWEET!