Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daddy's Little Angel

Enough said......

The Heat is On

OK, so I thought I was ready for summer. Now, I found myself searching for inside, cool activities to do with the kids. ( its not even June) We got season passes to Johnson Space Center and have put it to good use. Here are some cute pics of Avery and Annalise.
My future astronauts...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dreams Becoming Reality

Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Bachelor, Bachelorette, etc... Why are these shows so captivating? At least for me, I have to admit, they lure me in and I find myself connecting with them or rooting for a favorite or acting crazy over a winner.
In the living room tonight all by myself (Ryan is out of town), I acted like the girl back in high school who found out she made cheerleader! I was jumping around and screaming- not to loud, kids were in bed! :)
You see, I love American Idol! Tonight was the season finals and the winner was announced- yes my favorite David Cook. I actually had 2 favorites, Michael Johns and David Cook- and one of my favorites is the next American Idol. I love this show! First of all, the beginning of the season is so funny but forget that, in the ups and downs, rude remarks, and over time you start to find yourself rooting for a certain someone. I think for me its because I connect with these guys up there on the stage. These contestants put themselves out there, to be tested, poked fun of, laughed at, cheered for, all for a dream. A dream to sing on the American Idol stage, a dream to be named an artist, the list could go on. I admire them and live through them in a way. I believe we all have dreams inside of us. I wish I could sing like that, I wish I could just have the nerve to try out, I wish I could be the winner, I wish I could sing the song that changes hearts and brings tears, I wish I could live big like that- at least for one day. :) I know I have felt many of these feelings.
The dream can become the reality. Its awesome! If I put myself out there, let people cheer me on, and poke fun of me my dreams will become reality. Its time to let that happen more.
David Cook made his dream a reality tonight. I want to make my dreams a reality too!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

He went to Jared!!!

Anniversary day!

Its already been a wonderful 10 year anniversary and the actual day is just beginning. Last night, my sneakey husband (one thing i love about him) had a night planned with some really romantic and fun ideas. Then, when i least expected it, he gave me an anniversary band! Its sooo pretty! I have to brag a little because he did so darn good.

You see, there is this commercial down here in the Houston area that is hysterical. It has girls telling their husbands, boyfriends, etc that HE went to Jared. Its funny... anyway so when Ryan handed me the sack and on the outside was Jared, "I was thinking literally, oh my gosh, He went to Jared!" Then, I looked into the sack to find a pop-open ring box like the one when he proposed and I was shocked! I couldn't believe it. It soo nice. Its white gold with 12 diamonds making 1/2 a carat. HE did really good! Simple but elegant, just what I would've picked.

So, he did so good I think I'll keep him around another 10 years! :)

I was already able to give Ryan his 10 year gift. I chose prescription Oakley sunglasses. ( he better never lose these!) He was able to customize sunglasses just the way he wanted so that was fun for him! He has been anxiously waiting the mail for them!

It was nice to buy each other a special gift in celebration of our 10 year. We don't do that much for each other ( like never) so it made these moments extra magical.

Tonight we have dinner plans a nice restaurant in Clear Lake so it will be nice to enjoy each other and eat some good food.

Thanks for sharing in our celebration... May our journey continue many more years.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

day 3.....on counting down

10 year celebration continue......
10 most memorable moments with ryan in our 10 years
1. 3 beautiful girls being born
2. becoming a dad
3. our trip to Hawaii after our 1st anniversary
4. moving across Texas
5. many bed and breakfasts trips to Fredericksburg
6. many, many walks and talks
7. teaching Addie to ride a bike
8. riding bikes in Fredericksburg for hours and next day our legs were so sore we could hardly walk :)
9. family trips to Destin, Florida
10. raising 3 girls
Thanks for making some wonderful memories in our 10 years. Its been so fun doing life together!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

day 2....on counting down

celebration continue.... 10 years!!!!
10 reasons why I am in love more now than 10 years ago
1. His love for the Lord
2. His love for 3 precious girls we had together
3. His daily strong hugs
4. Joy of being a father
5. stronger devotion
6. better communicator
7. better listener ( I like to talk a lot and like details, asking questions, probing-get the picture)
8. encourages me in many ways
9. supports me in every way to help me become the woman God wants me to be
10. he's my best friend

Monday, May 12, 2008

Count Down

5 days and counting...... Ryan and I will celebrate our 10 year anniversary! Wow, life really does go by fast when you are having fun, and yes I have had some fun! I will post a little something everyday in celebration of Ryan and who he is as my husband, daddy, and leader for our family. Let the celebration begin......
10 Reasons why life has been fun with Ryan!
1. His laughter
2. His dance moves
3. His "what's uuuuuppppp- upon entering the front door everyday
4. piggy back rides to 3 screaming girls
5. thinking he still young enough to ride a scooter like his 6 yr old girl
6. cooking on his favorite cast iron skillet (he thinks you can cook anything on that thing!)
7. singing songs to high school musical, Hanna Montana, etc
8. teaming up with the girls and squirting water guns at me when i get out of the car
9. creating ways of saying i love you by sneaking gifts, notes, etc
10. 3 songs he made up for each of our girls

Thanks for making our household and marriage fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy MakeOver

It was a great start to my mother's day weekend! On Friday, Addie's class had a mommy makeover. This idea was priceless and probably one of the most creative, personal touch to a mother's day gift that I think I've known a teacher to do. OK.... here are the details.

I was to be at school with lipstick, blush, eye shadow, a brush for my hair and some clips. When all the mother's arrived to class each child put make-up and fixed their mom's hair. Mrs. Johnson set the mood by putting on soft music as each child "made over" their mom. It was hilarious. Addie put lipstick on my about 3 times and then put flower clips on the side of my head. Here is a picture of completion...

Next, the lights were turned off (with soft music still) and Addie rubbed my shoulders and put lotion on my hands and gave me a teasing massage on my arms and hands. The smell of the lotion was so yummy- coconut scent- nice and summery. Anyway, it was so relaxing. Then, Addie served me some punch and cookies so we could watch our video the class put together. It was awesome and yes a tear jerker! Each child told why their mom was special and if they could buy their mom anything, what would it be. So cute.. Loved it! It was such a special, sweet time with Addie. The day ended as I received a self portrait of myself and a poem. Keepsakes!!!!

Mother's day was wonderful. I ended my weekend with a day of shopping by myself (that's a treat in itself) and a dinner date with family. It was so nice and relaxing, refreshing, and memorable. I definitely needed that mommy makeover!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sucked In

OK, I am beginning to realize a pattern for me as I enter the store.... the store being Target. I go into the store for only a couple of items only to be sucked into the girls clothes and women clothing. Its like a vacuum as a friend put it and you can't fight it! The weird thing for me is that Wal-Mart, Kohl's, the mall, none of the other stores suck me in quite like Target. There is just something about that store!
The bad thing for me is that I am finding myself driving a couple more miles to go to the "new" Super Target. Its inviting, more sales, new baskets so less germs. :) Can you believe it? Target is sucking me across town when I have one only 5 minutes from my house.
Oh well, let the suction continue.......

Sunday, May 4, 2008

School Days

Ahh.... Its funny how as a parent you start remembering back to your own school days and experiences, fun times, old friends, life, and time. Then, you look at your first born girl and think, "wow, has she really finished her first year of school?" School days... the memories, crazy times you can't believe you did some of the stuff you did, packed schedules, sports, cheerleading, dating, and packing friends in your car (because its the oldest) and jumping the curbs for off campus lunch, etc, etc. Its funny and dear to the heart to remember school days and everything that came with it.

Addie is finishing her first year as a kindergartner and already has many memorable moments. She beams at her Kindergarten program, chooses me as a partner for her PE field day, plays with a friend at her "first school carnival," plants things, has different animal visitors to class, buying her lunch, making friends, learning more responsibility and how school works. I could list a whole lot more, but I think the most important one is that she loves to see for herself that she is becoming more of a young lady and independent. Its fun to see Addie enjoy her school days. These are the times I often think, she is experiencing and will experience some of the most fun times in her childhood. She is learning how to become herself in the world of school and life.

I was often told that you get to live out childhood again when you have kids of your own, well so true. Its fun to experience school days again. Counting down to summer, already saying you are a first grader, smiling from ear to ear.
Addie makes her mommy very proud and smile from ear to ear. I look forward to the many school days with Addie, and then Avery, and then Annalise.