Thursday, May 19, 2011

Look at this Girl.....

She's a pre-school graduate! ;) Hello Kindergarten...or should I say watch out Kindergarten. LOL :)

We are so proud of our Annalise Grace!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

13 Years!

On May 16, 1998 at 2:00 pm in Hardin-Simmons Logsdon Chapel, I said I DO to the love of my life! I am so blessed to have Ryan, my best friend, by my side.
I love how he still can make me laugh like no one else and his strong hugs that embrace me daily....I am having the time of my life.

I found the One My Heart Loves
Song of Solomon 3:4

(Here are 13 highlights that have happened in our 13 years of marriage~Ryan and I came up with this list together on our anniversary dinner date on Monday night) ;)

1. the birth of all 3 girls

2. Addie accepted Christ as her Savior

3. Our trip to Hawaii (1 year anniversary)

4. our 850 sq foot rent house that literally had no hallways
(I could plug my vacuum into one outlet and vacuum the entire house) :) so funny

5. our trip Jackson Hole~horse back riding, riding the river, hiking around

6. our financial move from our Meadowbend home to our current home where we were able to pay off all debts

7. Washington D.C trip together with some youth

8. Nashville trip for our 10 year anniversary

9. walks around this beautiful old neighborhood with huge homes, where our small rent home sat in Abilene, TX...we walked and dreamed together

10. connections to some amazing church staff both for Ryan and I that have become very sweet, dear friends

11. our many, many bed and breakfast we have visited

12. living completely debt free besides our home mortgage

13. the many trips to Destin, Florida with all the girls (they love the beach)

*As you can tell, Ryan and I love to travel, go, or take trips. Our continued goal as we move toward life in Katy, is to live small so we can take the girls and our own trips to many more places! * :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing Catch Up.....with Pictures!

Well, lets has been over a month since I've posted any pictures, recent ones of the Prater happenings so here's a little glimpse of our life...picture style! ;)
Easter 2011

Mother's Day Tea at Peewee School

Mother's Day Fun Pics on the Couch

Monday, May 9, 2011

A weekend to Remember

One thing that makes a momma feel special is a whole weekend of family celebration! :)
My mother's day weekend started off with such a fun Friday night. Ryan grilled us up some grilled chicken with BBQ on it and sprinkled blue was so yummy! I love grilled chicken and this was probably one of the best he's made yet. :) Then, we all loaded up in the Passport with Obi-Wan (our 90 lb cattle dog) and headed over to Seabrook Trails and walked for over an hour. So fun, as a lot of people have been talking about these trails so we hit them before we exit this side of Houston and can't take advantage of the local stuff. The weather that night was amazing! So cool, basically perfect for a evening walk right off the Galveston Bay. We ended the night with apple crumb cobbler and ice cream! :) Enough said!!!
Saturday was almost perfect...if not!!! Ryan cooked up some chocolate chip pancakes and then we grabbed the beach towels, beach toys, and boogie boards and hit the beach down in Galveston. A day at the beach wouldn't be complete without a stop at our favorite eats..The Spot! Love that sits right off from the beach and the views from the balcony are great, plus the food is AWESOME. They have amazing burgers and fried onion rings...Mmmmm! Love it. So, we spent all afternoon down on the beach and topped it off with a walk on the Strand and ice cream at La Kings old fashion soda/taffy shop. It was a blast! The girls didn't ever get off the boogie boards and Ryan and I weren't a nervous wreck because they are FINALLY at a doable age to totally enjoy every part of the beach. Its funny how ages 9,7, & 5 seem to get more and more fun. :)
And to my surprise...Ryan bought me a new iPhone since my last one took flight out of my car in December(had a cheap case around it) and busted the screen. It worked so I continued using it with no complaints but my sweet hubby used his upgrade to get me a new one. No, I didn't get the 4G, just replaced my 3GS and today made it complete by buying a Otter Box case around it (way more protection than my last). I'm not chancing this one. ;)

Wow, I spent the first weekend in May with my sister and mom in Canton and this past weekend, I spent the entire time with my girls and Ryan. I am blessed and so grateful for all the laughs, memories, gifts, and time shared this Mother's Day.
Hope you too had on amazing, blessed Mother's Day! Much Love.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Less than 28 days....

~We will officially 100% be church planters :)
~We will no longer be members of or attend Clear Creek Community Church
~We will be members of Cross Community Church of Katy
~Ryan will pack up his office for the last time as a youth minister
~Ryan's office will be a laptop, Starbucks, and many, many meetings
~We will start doing as much life as possible in Katy until the house sells
~We will hopefully be packing up our home in League City
~We will plug into city life in the greater Katy area
~We will be a church of 10 as of now
~We will challenge missional people to GO help make Cross Community happen

~But most importantly....we ask our family and friends to pray, pray for this church, our family, and the city of Katy! Very exciting but hard days are ahead and we would love your encouragement and prayer for this journey. :) Thank you!

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

Monday, May 2, 2011

1000 gifts continued....

~Ann Voskamp~
Maybe only these two words that I could say a thousand times, everywhere, till I become them, enfold them, live them in a thousand, endless ways?

61. A girl's weekend away to Canton, TX for our annual Mother's Day trip of shopping with only my mom and sister.

62. A safe airplane ride that allowed for a 5 hour trip turn into only 2 hours!

63. Girl's night out with Kim, Kayla, and Jennefer that provides endless laughs and encouragement.

64. the health of my girls

65. the promise from Easter that God is constantly making all things new.
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new."
Revelation 21:5

66. new vintage style tops I found on my shopping spree this weekend

67. my hubby, 3 girls, and snow cones sitting around a table eating them & talking

68. the many, many buyers that are coming to look at our home for possible purchase

69. my husbands arms

70. signing up Addie for her first summer church camp ever & her smile beam from ear to ear with excitement