Friday, January 6, 2012

Fireworks, Friends, and a firepit

A little late on the posting of our New Years Eve celebration but better late than never, right!?
Well, I did it... I finally got Ryan a fire pit for Christmas this year! It was my grand find this Christmas season getting it a whopping 50% off~ woohoo!!! ;) He loved it, I love it....and in fact the girls love it. So much so, that on New Years Eve, we loaded up the van and headed to Academy for us all to buy a "new fold-out chair" just for sitting around the fire pit! ;) LOL, its the simple things.
Well, after dinner that night, Ryan fired it up and we got our next door neighbors
(and good friends now) to join us in which they provided the fireworks for the kids and we provided the fire! :) YES, what would a fire pit be without smore fixins and Ryan with a beer and me and the neighbor friends with a glass of wine. Good times.
Aahhh.....there is just something about sitting by a fire.
Good conversations,
It was a blast. It was relaxing. It was fun to sit and watch the girls with neighbor friends do sparklers, make a smore, laugh, and talk.
We wrapped up our night the last 5 minutes inside watching the famous ball drop from New York. This was the first time the girls stayed up until 11:00 without a complete meltdown from someone or being a total zombie!! ;)
Which reminds me once girls are changing **SIGH**

And that my friends is for another post! I'm just soaking it all up as much as I can.

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The Gumpls said...

Happy new Year Kara! I hope that this year brings you, Ryan and the girls many blessings!