Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The way she writes....

Speaks right to my heart. The way she puts words into motion are spoken just for me. The way she simplifies, the way she guides me to yearn more of Christ. The way she celebrates life, encourages, and is brutally honest with struggles....
I thank you Mrs. Ann Voskamp............

The way you write is incredibly God honoring and draws me closer to Christ.

~Will I meditate on His Word or my worries?

~This is the resolution the new year needs — a revolution. A turning every day to Christ.

~Time memorizing Scriptures is perhaps more important than quiet time — because when we fill our hearts with His Word, we can fill all of our hours with His Word — and “quiet time” can then become all of our time.

~Living with a belief in God, this is very far from living with God as your Beloved.

~The answer to anxiety is always to exalt Christ.

~Everything absorbs into thanksgiving.

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